Ducati Monster 797 Price, Mileage, Top Speed, Specs, Seat Height

Explore The Ducati Monster 797 All Specifications Along With Engine, Power, Top Speed, Torque, Height, Abs, And More

Ducati Monster 797

Ducati Monster 797 Price, Mileage, Top Speed, Specs, Seat Height

Key Highlights of Ducati Monster 797

Engine Capacity803 cc
No Of Cylinders2
Mileage18.9 Kmpl
Top Speed158 kmph
Fuel Tank Capacity16.5 L
Seat height805 mm
Curb Weight193 kg

Ducati Monster 797 Summary

Welcome to the thrilling world of the Ducati Monster 797, a motorcycle that redefines the essence of raw power and Italian craftsmanship. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the key aspects that make this two-wheeled marvel a standout in the world of motorcycles.

Design and Aesthetics:

Crafted Elegance: Ducati Monster 797’s Aesthetic Brilliance

Moreover the design of the Ducati Monster 797 is a perfect fusion of aggression and sophistication. With its unmistakable naked-bike style, the muscular tank and exposed trellis frame not only scream power but also showcase the bike’s attention to detail. The sleek lines and minimalist bodywork add a touch of elegance, making the Monster 797 a visual masterpiece on the road.

Engine Performance:

Heart of the Beast: Unleashing Power with Ducati Monster 797

Under the hood, the Ducati Monster 797 is powered by a potent 803cc L-twin engine, delivering a symphony of controlled aggression. The engine not only produces a satisfying growl but also provides an exhilarating riding experience. With precise fuel injection and a six-speed gearbox, the Monster 797 ensures that so every twist of the throttle is met with an instantaneous surge of power.

Ducati Monster 797 Engine

Chassis and Suspension:

Precision in Motion: Ducati Monster 797’s Chassis and Suspension

Additionally the Monster 797’s chassis is a testament to Ducati’s commitment to handling excellence. The lightweight and rigid frame, also combined with quality suspension components, result in a bike that effortlessly tackles corners and provides a stable ride. Whether cruising on the highway or carving through city streets, the Monster 797’s chassis and suspension deliver a responsive and confidence-inspiring experience.

Brakes and Tires:

Stopping Power: Ducati Monster 797’s Brakes and Tires

Equipped with high-performance brakes and grippy tires, the Ducati Monster 797 ensures that you can bring this powerful machine to a halt with confidence. The dual front disc brakes provide precise stopping power, also complemented by the Monster’s well-matched set of tires that offer optimal grip, translating every rider input into a controlled and thrilling riding experience.

Ducati Monster 797 Brakes and Tires

Electronics and Technology:

Innovative Riding: Ducati Monster 797’s Electronics and Technology

Embracing modern technology, the Monster 797 features a range of electronic systems that enhance both safety and performance. From ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) to various riding modes, the bike adapts to different also riding conditions, ensuring a smooth and controlled experience. Hence The onboard digital display provides essential information at a glance, adding a touch of futuristic flair to the riding experience.

Fuel Efficiency and Range:

Efficiency Meets Power: Ducati Monster 797’s Fuel Efficiency and Range

While the Monster 797 is known for its powerful performance, it also boasts commendable fuel efficiency. Hence The combination of an efficient engine and aerodynamic design ensures that riders can enjoy the thrill of the road without constantly worrying about fuel stops. With an impressive range, howeve the Monster 797 is ready for both short urban commutes and long highway adventures.

Ducati Monster 797 price at $ 8,000.

Ducati Monster 797 Specifications

Displacement803 cc
Engine Type4 stroke, air-cooled desmo V-twin
Max Power75Hp @ 8250 rpm
Max Torque67 Nm @ 5750 rpm
Stroke66 mm
Bore88 mm
No Of Cylinders2
Fuel TypePetrol
Transmission TypeChain
Transmission6 Speed
Compression Ratio11.0:1

Mileage & Performance

Mileage18.9 Kmpl
Top Speed158 kmph
Fuel Tank Capacity16.5 L
Cooling SystemAir-Cooled
ClutchWet Multiplate Clutch

Chassis & Suspension

Chassis TypeTubular steel
Front Suspension43 mm Kayaba USD fork
Rear SuspensionSachs monoshock, pre-load and rebound adjustable


Wheelbase1435 mm
Seat height805 mm
Curb Weight193 kg

Tires & Brakes

Tire TypeTubeless
Front Tire Size120/70 ZR-17
Rear Tire Size180/55 ZR-17
Front Brake TypeDisc with Abs
Front Brake Size320 mm
Rear Brake TypeDisc with Abs
Rear Brake Size245 mm

Motor, Battery & Wheels

Battery12 v
Wheel TypeAlloy
Front Wheel17 inch
Rear Wheel17 inch

Ducati Monster 797 Pros And Cons


Sleek Italian Design:

The Monster 797 is a head-turner, boasting the unmistakable and timeless Italian design that Ducati is renowned for. Moreover It’s a perfect blend of aggression and elegance.

Accessible Performance:

The 803cc L-twin engine delivers a punchy performance without being overwhelming, making it an ideal choice for riders who want a taste of Ducati’s power without the intimidation factor.

Responsive Handling:

With its nimble chassis and precise handling, the Monster 797 provides an exhilarating riding experience. Whether navigating city streets or carving through winding roads, it responds with confidence.

Quality Components:

Ducati hasn’t compromised on the quality of components. With features like Brembo brakes and adjustable suspension, the Monster 797 delivers a premium riding experience.


Limited Wind Protection:

The minimalist design, while stylish, means there’s limited wind protection. Extended highway rides might lead to some rider fatigue due to increased wind exposure.

Sparse Electronics Package:

Compared to some competitors, the Monster 797’s electronics package is relatively basic. It lacks some advanced features like quick-shifter and multiple riding modes.

Non-Adjustable Brake Levers:

Some riders might find the non-adjustable brake levers to be less accommodating, especially if they have specific preferences for lever reach.

Limited Storage:

Like many naked bikes, the Monster 797 lacks built-in storage options. Riders will need to rely on aftermarket solutions for carrying small items.

Ducati Monster 797 FAQ

Q. What is the top speed of Ducati Monster 797?

Ans: The Ducati Monster 797 is not just a bike; however it’s a statement of speed and power. With a top speed of 158 kmph, this two-wheeled marvel is designed to give riders an adrenaline rush like never before. Whether you’re cruising on the open road or pushing the limits on the track, the Monster 797’s top speed ensures an unforgettable riding experience.

Q. What is the difference between Monster 659 and 797?

Ans: Ducati enthusiasts often find themselves pondering over the distinctions between the Monster 659 and the Monster 797. While both bikes share the iconic Monster DNA, they differ in engine capacity and performance. The Monster 659, with its max power 52 hp, and stroke 54.2 mm , caters to a specific audience, whereas the Monster 797, boasting 75 hp, and stroke 66 mm, takes the exhilaration to new heights. Hence exploring these differences allows riders to choose the Monster that aligns perfectly with their riding style and preferences.

Q. Who are the competitors of Ducati Monster 797?

Ans: In the fiercely competitive world of motorcycles, the Ducati Monster 797 faces off against some formidable opponents. Rivals such as Suzuki SV650, KTM 790 Duke, and Triumph Street Triple bring their own unique features and performance metrics to the table.

Q. What is the fuel consumption of Ducati Monster 797?

Ans: Efficiency meets performance in the Ducati Monster 797 when it comes to fuel consumption. With its 18.9 kmpl, this motorcycle strikes a balance between power and practicality. Riders can enjoy the thrill of the open road without constantly worrying about fuel stops. A closer look at the fuel consumption figures reveals how Ducati has engineered a machine that not only roars on the roads but also manages fuel with precision.

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