Victory Octane price Top Speed Specs Mileage Width Length

Explore The Victory Octane All Features Along With Specification Engine Power Torque Top Speed Seat Height Weight Abs & More

Victory Octane

Victory Octane price Top Speed Specs Mileage Width Length

Key Highlights of Victory Octane

Displacement1179 cc
Mileage15 kmpl
Top Speed205 kmph
No Of Cylinders2
Curb Weight249 kg
Seat height658 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity12.90 L

Victory Octane Summary

The Victory Octane, a bold and dynamic cruiser, has earned its place as a force to be reckoned with in the motorcycle world. Hence in this exploration of the Victory Octane, we’ll unravel the intricacies of its design, performance, and unique features that set it apart in the realm of cruisers.

Engine Specifications:

At the heart of the Victory Octane beats a powerhouse engine that defines its exhilarating performance. Boasting a robust 1179 cc engine, the Octane delivers an impressive 104 Hp @ 8000 rpm horsepower and 103 Nm @ 6000 rpm torque. The V-twin configuration not only provides a distinctive exhaust note but also ensures a thrilling and responsive ride every time you twist the throttle.

Victory Octane engine

Chassis and Frame:

The Victory Octane’s chassis and frame form a robust foundation, striking a perfect balance between agility and stability. Therefore with its Tubular-steel, this cruiser ensures precise handling and control on various terrains. The 41mm Damper Tube Forks at the front and rear twin Shocks with Dual-Rate Springs guarantees a smooth ride.


Additionally the Victory Octane’s transmission system is a testament to the bike’s commitment to delivering a seamless and responsive ride. The 6 speed manual with 6 gears allows for precise control, however ensuring an effortless transition between gears and adapting to different riding scenarios.

Dimensions and Weight:

With its well-proportioned dimensions, the Victory Octane commands attention on the road. Measuring Length 2286 mm, Width 815 mm, and Seat Height 658 mm, this cruiser strikes an impressive silhouette. Despite its substantial size, the bike remains agile, and the 249 kg curb weight enhances stability without compromising maneuverability.

Tires and Wheels:

The Victory Octane ensures optimal traction and grip. The 130/70-18 63H front and 160/70-17 76H rear wheels contribute to the bike’s balanced and responsive handling, providing confidence and control in various riding conditions.

Tires and Wheels Victory Octane

Fuel System:

Efficiency meets performance in the Victory Octane’s fuel system. Equipped with EFI, this cruiser optimizes fuel consumption while delivering a satisfying burst of power. The 12.90 L fuel tank ensures fewer stops, allowing riders to revel in the joy of the open road.


In conclusion, the Victory Octane is more than a motorcycle; it’s a statement of power, style, and individuality. Moreover from its formidable engine to its well-crafted chassis and unique features, the Octane promises an unmatched riding experience.

Victory Octane price at $10,499.


Displacement1179 cc
Engine Type60° V-Twin, DOHC, 4 Valves Per Cylinder
Max Power104 Hp @ 8000 rpm
Max Torque103 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Stroke73.6 mm
Bore101.0 mm
Valve Per Cylinder4
No Of Cylinders2
Compression Ratio10.8:1
Fuel TypePetrol
Drive TypeBelt

Mileage & Performance

Mileage15 kmpl
Top Speed205 kmph
Fuel Tank Capacity12.90 L
Cooling SystemLiquid-Cooled
Fuel Delivery SystemFuel Injection
ClutchWet, Multi-Plate

Chassis & Suspension

Chassis TypeTubular-steel
Front Suspension41mm Damper Tube Forks with
Dual-Rate Springs
Rear SuspensionTwin Shocks with Dual-Rate Springs,
Adjustable Pre-load


Wheelbase1578 mm
Seat height658 mm
Curb Weight249 kg
Ground Clearance140 mm
Length2286 mm
Width815 mm

Tires & Brakes

Tire TypeTubeless
Front Tire Size130/70-18 63H
Rear Tire Size160/70-17 76H
Braking SystemABS
Front Brake Size298 mm
Rear Brake Size298 mm

Motor, Battery & Wheels

Wheel TypeAlloy
Front Wheel Size18 inch
Rear Wheel Size17 inch

Victory Octane Pros And Cons


Powerful V-Twin Engine:

The Victory Octane boasts a potent 1179 cc V-twin engine, delivering robust power and torque for an exhilarating riding experience.
Therefore Acceleration is smooth and responsive, making it a thrilling choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Striking Modern Design:

The Victory Octane stands out with its modern and aggressive design, featuring a low-slung profile, distinctive lines, and attention-grabbing aesthetics. The sleek design not only enhances its visual appeal but also contributes to improved aerodynamics.


Vibrations at Higher Speeds:

Some riders may experience noticeable vibrations at higher speeds, particularly during prolonged highway cruising. While it adds to the raw character of the bike, it may be a consideration for those seeking a smoother ride.

Minimal Wind Protection:

The Victory Octane’s design, while visually striking, provides minimal wind protection. Riders may experience wind fatigue during extended highway rides, especially at higher speeds.


What CC is a Victory Octane?

The Victory Octane is a powerhouse on two wheels, featuring a robust 1179 cc V-twin engine. The 1179 cc engine not only defines the Octane’s performance capabilities but also contributes to its distinctive character on the road.

The ample displacement provides the Octane with the torque and power needed for a thrilling and responsive riding experience. Hence with this 1179 cc engine, the Victory Octane stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering motorcycles with exceptional performance and a commanding presence.

How many Victory Octanes were made?

The production of the Victory Octane was a limited endeavor, adding an exclusive touch to this remarkable motorcycle. A relatively small number of Victory Octanes were manufactured during its production run, contributing to its unique status among motorcycle enthusiasts.

The limited production run makes the Victory Octane a rare and sought-after model, and for those fortunate enough to own one, in fact it becomes a symbol of exclusivity and distinctive design.

How heavy is a Victory Octane?

Despite its powerful engine and robust build, the Victory Octane maintains a manageable weight that enhances its agility on the road. Weighing in at approximately 249 kg, however the Octane strikes a balance between solid stability and nimble maneuverability.

Is Victory Octane liquid-cooled?

This is known for its cool demeanor on the road, and part of that composure comes from its air-cooled engine design. Unlike some motorcycles that rely on liquid cooling, the Victory Octane’s V-twin engine utilizes an air-cooling system.

This design choice not only adds to the motorcycle’s distinctive appearance but also reduces the complexity of the cooling system. The air-cooled engine of the Victory Octane ensures efficient heat dissipation, contributing to the overall reliability and performance of this exceptional motorcycle.

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